Chief O.S. and late Mrs. Lydia Ogunmola’s children

Chief O.S. and late Mrs. Lydia Ogunmola’s children

Bro Kunle. It is unbelievable and very painful that you left us so soon. Moving to Abuja made our bond stronger; however, life’s journey spread us all apart again. Even at this, you always sought ways to bring everyone together.

You were so humble and down to earth. Always giving advice and lending a helping hand. Bro Kunle none of us ever saw you frown, you always made us laugh, you contributed in changing lives.

We especially remember your love and support for us and your late aunty ‘our mom’. During her funeral, you stood tirelessly by her casket from the beginning to the end of the funeral. Oh what a wonderful and beautiful soul you were. As they say, God gained an angel when you departed.

We are all short of words. Nevertheless, we know by His grace, the beam in the legacy you left will continue burning. We know you are in a better place, a mansion, in that BRIGHT land where we’ll never grow old and we are assured we will hold onto your memories until we see you again. We love and miss you dearly.

Keep resting in the lord.

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