Felicia Akabe

Felicia Akabe

My ever so kind, jovial, humble, free-spirited uncle FM. I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute to you. Even though everyone says ur dead, but our spirit isn’t. I think about you every day and time. It’s like our spirit is hovering around me smiling like you always have for the past 16 years that I’ve known you. I remember the first time I met you in 2002,whenAunty Julia introduced me to you as her ‘friend’.

We instantly clicked, I will climb your back telling you to carry me, and you will say “this girl you don’t know that you are too big” lol. We just clicked instantly. I remember in July 2004, when I was first diagnosed with diabetes, and was on admission.

You would always call in the morning, afternoon and evening, saying “hello darling, how are you, please take care of yourself, Julia and I are praying for you”, When I turned 13 years, and I came visiting you and aunty Julia, the moment I stepped into the house you were so happy, you told everyone in the living room ” c my darling niece, the newest teenager in town?

I remember how you used to tease me for supporting arsenal fc, you called it a failed club, always telling me to join the winning team, “Manchester United” I remember when you came visiting in 2013, and I remember telling you that I hated men and all men were cheats, you said to me, please change that mindset, “I have been married for 10 years and ever since, I have never ever cheated on my wife, no woman can ever compare to her, she is just the best, so understanding, loving, a beautiful, wonderful wife and mother what else could a man ask for”. That was how much you loved Aunty Julia.

The last time I spoke to you was on 27th December 2017, I called to talk to you about my business plan, you were so optimistic, telling me how you were going to help me, to ensure I succeed. I remember the last words I said which were ‘uncle I am so grateful, kai ur just the best I swear and u laughed. I am so happy that I got to tell u that u were the best cause in reality truly the best.

I will not mourn you but instead, I will celebrate you, you are truly an angel on earth and God wants his angel in heaven where he belongs.

I celebrate your life uncle FM.

Love always.