Julia Ebunoluwa Adelodun

Julia Ebunoluwa Adelodun

I believe with all my heart that God choose you for me. Although this is the hardest moment of my life, I look at it with utmost thanks to God for the kind of marriage that I have enjoyed with the most special man.

A relationship filled with laughter. An honest and loving relationship; thank you FM, for being so special, and making things easy for me. One thing I feel I didn’t say enough is THANK YOU!! Thank you for being my champion, my eyes when I couldn’t see, my cheerleader, my coach.

Thank you for knowing how much I loved you. Even moments when I was too hard on you, you know I loved you and never held it against me. I will remember the lesson you taught me and I promise to live by them Sugar’. Thank you for being a Man of God, your children will know God and will have the kind of relationship you had with him.

Thank you for teaching me how to raise boys. I will use that in raising men that you would be proud of. Thank you for being the best Father the boys could ever wish for. Thank you for being a pillar to your friends and family. You have been an inspiration to so many and your good works were not in vain.

Thank you for helping me become a better person. Thank you for the joy and laughter that has filled our home. Thank you for loving me despite. I am happy because I know you are with Jesus. I will love you forever until I draw my last breath.

Rest in peace my Sugar.

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