Prince Leye

Prince Leye

‘Ahh ‘ Daddy, my buddy, my best friend, my comforter but most importantly my Father, words can never be able to describe how I feel about how he was superhuman, whenever I needed him he was always there for me, he was so full of humour you could feel the love, faith, joy and humour burst out of his heart, it was like a dream I could not believe someone like him would leave so early, when I got the news lasked myself is this a joke.

I thought who would teach mehow to drive and who would take me out for father son bonding but I should be happy for him he is in a better place where he in resting.

He told me “son whatever you do is not from your brain but from your heart” and make yourself proud before making us proud. Rest in peace daddy. Remain glorious, funny, joyful, faithful, loving and forever rested.

AMEN. He would say “that’s my boy”.

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