Missing you like crazy.
I miss u so much
FM......the vacuum you left were our safety net. I miss you so much.
I didnt know you one on one but I have heard a lot about him and wish I had the opportunity
I believe with all my heart that God choose you for me. Although this is the hardest moment of my life,
‘Ahh ' Daddy, my buddy, my best friend, my comforter but most importantly my Father, words can never be able to
My dad was a great man so many words to describe him Loving, Caring, Helpful. He helped people who didn't bother
My dad is so many things to me but most importantly he was my father and my friend whenever I did
FM, you were a very special man, you ran an extremely successful unconventional race of life. I had the privilege of

January 20, 1971 - March 12, 2018.

God, Great God!

All The Glory Belongs To You!

Thank you!

..Aremo Adekunle Adelodun

 March 10th 2018  
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