Who is going to be calling me eyin (teeth) again? Who is going to call me Mosky? FM’s Prayer for us
I called you Aavaaaaam (FM)! You called me Za(THE)Biiiimpsssss! You called me other names too just to tease me. I'd keep
You were an exceptional person who touched our hearts with your kindness. Your laughter and your positive energy! You will be
A friend and brother, who could make bad times less bad and good times great, He thrived on giving and would
His love for Julie and his children will remain forever. Rest well, my brother. Rest well.
Confidant, Rock, god-father, Uncle, Sir K, Arbiter. Friend that became a BROTHER: these and more you were to me and my
Thanks for being different, for showing us what family should be, what friendship means and what it means to be a
Only the wicked die! You will live forever my Friend! Ever present in our thoughts- Ever Present in our hearts! I
My ever so kind, jovial, humble, free-spirited uncle FM. I still can't believe I am writing a tribute to you. Even

January 20, 1971 - March 12, 2018.

God, Great God!

All The Glory Belongs To You!

Thank you!

..Aremo Adekunle Adelodun

 March 10th 2018  
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