It seems like a dream. But a dream that I do not understand. Life is changed for you FM not ended.
FM, I pen this with a very heavy heart. The pain I have felt since I received that dreaded call from
FM! You affected people of all ages beyond the boundary, you contributed in changing lives, you shared experiences and to me,
I mourn his untimely departure because of the exemplary life he led, touching many lives with love and care, so much
My friend Sir K lived a meaningful Life, one of loyalty and commitment and selflessness to his family and community. I
DEATH IS ALWAYS SHOCKING. It exists everywhere and yet when it hits it still manages to shock us. What is there
Sir K, my Oga my father you call me samoo, super fly, you always back me, you touch my late many
There are no words good enough to describe the kind of person you were. I remember when you consoled me on
Sir K, it is hard to say goodbye! You were easygoing. Kind-hearted and committed friend. You will be greatly missed. May

January 20, 1971 - March 12, 2018.

God, Great God!

All The Glory Belongs To You!

Thank you!

..Aremo Adekunle Adelodun

 March 10th 2018  
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